Campus Tour

Campus Tour

This is the area where you can find out more about the Academy and some of the things that you will be doing whilst you are with us. Take the time to explore our campus in the tour below, just click where you want to go.


Whenever you see a green circle, hover over it for some more information. We have also created a fun quiz for you to find some things around the campus.

Can you find them all?

  1. What is the big picture of in the science room?

  2. What does the sign above the library doors say?

  3. What two subjects are taught on the middle and top floor of the main building

  4. What subject is taught in the corridor down from the gymnasium?

  5. What room is opposite Mr Hall’s office?

  6. What colour are the bench seats in the canteen?

  7. What does the plaque in the reception give you information about?

  8. There are 2 maps on the wall in the geography classroom- one is of the world what is the other one?

  9. What are the two colours of chairs at the desk in the locker?

  10. How many computers are there in the photography studio?

  11. What colour is the semi circle on the floor of the sports hall as you walk in?

  12. Who do you need to speak to if you want to buy a locker?

Academy Map.jpg