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The constellation Chamaeleon is located in the southern sky so visible from the Southern Hemisphere in countries such as Madagascar where many species of Chamaeleon originate from. The constellation was created by the dutch astronomer Petrus Plancius in the 16th century. As with all constellations a little imagination is needed! Chameleons are very distinctive reptiles with their slide tong hands, distinctive walk and long sticky tongue. One feature that makes them unique is they can change colour not by dispersing pigments like other animals but by actually changing the structure of their cells.

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They change colour due to heightened emotions, adaption to new habitats and as a method of communication. The position and design of the chamaeleons eyes gives it 360 degree vision and whilst they don’t have ears they are not deaf. Their bodies are able to detect sound frequencies in the range of 200-600 hz.


How the Chamaeleon adapts to the ever changing world is why we have chosen it as one of our house names. We aim for all our students to leave Mounts Bay Academy with the skills and mindset to be able and willing to adapt to the challenges and opportunities that they will face in their adult life.

Your Chamaeleon House Crew

The Crew system at Mounts Bay Academy gives every student the opportunity to be part of the Student Voice. Crew meetings involve all students and staff in vertical House groups where any relevant decisions that have been suggested by staff and students are discussed in mini crews, debated by the whole crew and then voted on. In the past the Student Voice, through the Crew system, have made decisions about the length of break times, the type and quality of the food in the canteen and the areas students use at lunchtimes.

Your Interactive Guide To Mounts Bay

Miss Tripp has built an amazing and informative guide for you to use with Miss Walters as your guide..


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We can’t wait to meet you all. Welcome to TEAM MB!

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