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Draco is the name of the dragon constellation.

In Greek Mythology, Draco represents the dragon that was killed by Hercules as one of his 12 labours. The constellation is made up of many double stars that can be seen by standard telescopes and even binoculars. Draco is one of the original constellations that was devised by the ancient astronomer Ptolemy.

Draco is bordered by the constellations Hercules, Ursa Major and Ursa Minor. It is the 8th largest constellation in the celestial sphere and consist of 13 main stars, the brightest being Etamin star. Draco is visible all year round in the northern hemisphere.

Meet Your Draco House Crew

The Crew system at Mounts Bay Academy gives every student the opportunity to be part of the Student Voice. Crew meetings involve all students and staff in vertical House groups where any relevant decisions that have been suggested by staff and students are discussed in mini crews, debated by the whole crew and then voted on. In the past the Student Voice, through the Crew system, have made decisions about the length of break times, the type and quality of the food in the canteen and the areas students use at lunchtimes.

Your Interactive Guide To Mounts Bay

Miss Tripp has built an amazing and informative guide for you to use. Click on Miss Walters image below to view the guide.

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