Welcome to Mounts Bay
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Hello! I am Miss Walters, I will be your Head of Year when you join Mounts Bay Academy in September. My role as your Head of Year will be to help guide and support you throughout your journey at our school.  I will see you each morning and throughout your school day. 


I have lived in Cornwall all of my life and I am even a former Mounts Bay student. My first day at Mounts Bay seems only a short time ago and I remember well my first few weeks and what a big change it was. I loved every minute of my time at Mounts Bay and want to make sure that you have the same experience.


I hope you are enjoying your virtual transition through this brilliant website. Be sure to visit your House page and listen to the virtual hellos from your tutors. Isn’t it exciting that you now belong to a House and you can start earning House Points by taking part in the scavenger hunt on the virtual tour page. I wonder who will be the winning House?!


I am looking forward to being on this journey with you and excited to see what the future holds for the Class of 2025.

Your Interactive Guide To Mounts Bay

Miss Tripp has built an amazing and informative guide for you to use. Click on my image below to view the guide.

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