Our Learning

Mounts Bay is a High Performance Learning school. 

We believe that all students are capable of learning to a high level but, unlike ‘hot-housing’ where the focus is upon improving examination results only for the most gifted students. We provide students with a toolkit of transferable thinking skills and attributes that empowers all students to achieve highly, regardless of their background or level of progress when they start at the school. 

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We reject the notion that only those students identified as ‘talented’ should have high aspirations and in this regard represents the exact opposite of ‘hot-housing’: far from only helping students to pass examinations, it gives them the skills needed to succeed both academically and socially, now and into their adult lives. 

Importantly High Performance Learning is not taught separately from required examination content, nor is it a distinct course to be followed to the detriment of learning the core factual detail of a given subject. Instead, it gives students the questioning attitudes, perceptive approach and thinking skills that will help them enhance their learning across the curriculum. It teaches them to be resilient in the face of challenges, a necessary attribute when preparing for examinations, and helps them to reflect upon their own learning to identify their own strategies to improve progress.  It also teaches them to think critically, logically and holistically, applying what they have learned in all their subjects to help them improve. In this way we help students to learn in a deeper and more sophisticated way. All of these skills and attributes will be of genuine benefit when students prepare for their examinations now and in the future.


Furthermore every student at Mounts Bay Academy is provided with an iPad to enhance their learning experience whilst at the Academy.  We believe that bringing technology into the classroom helps students to be more engaged in their learning whilst empowering them to take their own learning forward at a level and pace that is right for them. 

The iPad allows learning to be extended beyond the classroom with the use of creative and interactive Apps, the internet and Firefly, which is an interactive site with resources and teaching materials.  Students can easily carry on learning any time and anywhere with their own 1:1 iPad. Homework is also set online through the Firefly App which can be accessed by students and parents.

Developing Global Citizens

To be effective Global Citizens, young people need to be flexible, creative and proactive. They need to be able to solve problems, make decisions, think critically, communicate ideas effectively and work well within teams and groups. 


These skills and attributes are increasingly recognised as being essential to succeed in other areas of 21st Century life too, including many workplaces. These skills and qualities cannot be developed without the use of active learning methods through which pupils learn by doing and by collaborating with others.

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The opportunities our fast-changing ‘globalised’ world offers young people are enormous. But so too are the challenges. Young people are entitled to an education that equips them with the knowledge, skills and values they need in order to embrace the opportunities and challenges they encounter, and to create the kind of world that they want to live in. Our curriculum deals with issues of global interdependence, diversity of identities and cultures, sustainable development, peace & conflict and inequities of power, resources & respect.


We help our young people to develop the knowledge, skills and conviction to play an effective role within their communities; local, national or global. 

By critically examining issues related to democracy, social justice, human rights and identity and diversity from a range of perspectives, our students learn to form their own opinion, speak out and take action on issues important to them.

REAL Projects

REAL Projects are a result of our collaboration with the Innovation Unit and High Tech High in California.

It involves setting outcomes for students that ensures their learning connects to deep subject content with real world problem solving. REAL Projects enable all students to create extraordinary work that matters.

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