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In the space of six weeks, children say goodbye to a familiar setting and prepare for the responsibility of secondary school. Most will experience a range of emotions: sadness, anxiety and excitement. As parents you will wish to ease the transition as much as you can and so we have put together this simple this guide about what can be practically done so that anxiety lessens, and what was uncertain becomes familiar and manageable.

Plan Early
  • Make sure you have logged into your ParentMail account to receive all the information you will need.


  • Finish your admissions process by completing and returning all the sections of our Admission Forms booklet

  • Buy uniform in good time and check it fits!


  • Help your child get the necessary equipment together.


  • Students are often aware that they will need to manage their time to ensure homework is done. Organisation is the key to successful study habits - have you considered where your child will work and where they will store their things?

  • Have you rehearsed travel routes?  

  • Talk about the first day in September. Have you discussed the changes to your child‘s routine with them so they know what to expect and are less anxious?​

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