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The constellation Pavo was known in the times of the ancient Greeks as Argos, the builder of the ship Argo. Hera, Queen of the Gods changed Argos into a dazzling and beautiful peacock and paced him in the sky along with his famous ship.

The peacock itself represented the starry firmament for the ancient Greeks. Hera was said to ride through the heavens in a chariot drawn by peacocks.

Pavo the constellation was first described by Dutch astronomer Petrus Plancius. Its brightest star is called Alpha Pavonis which appears as a bright, blue-white star but is actually a spectroscopic binary star. These are star systems with 2 stars that orbit each other so closely, they appear as one single star until you observe and measure the blue-red shifting of light caused by their rotation and subsequent movement towards and way from us.

Pavo Stars.jpg

Elsewhere in Greek mythology, peacocks appear in the story of Zeus and Io. Io was a beautiful princess of Argo and when he saw her, Zeus fell in love. Cunning Zeus transformed Io into a heifer in order to deceive his wife (and sister) Hera. But Hera was too clever and saw through his plan. She demanded that Zeus give her the heifer as a gift. Unable to refuse the request, Zeus gave the heifer (Io in disguise) to Hera who then banished it and arranged for a creature with one hundred eyes to guard over it. The creature was called Argus Panoptes (which means one with all the eyes, or the all seeing one). But Zeus was not to be defeated. He begged Hermes to save Io and bring her back to him. Hermes found Argus Panoptes, lulled him to sleep with music and killed him. Distraught, Hera adorned her favourite bird, the peacock with Argus’s eyes to honour him.

“Argus lay dead; so many eyes, so bright quenched, and all hundred shrouded in one night.Hera retrieved those eyes to set in place among the feathers of her bird the peacock, Pavo, and filled his tail with starry jewels.”

Ovid: Metamorphoses

Meet Your Pavo House Crew

The Crew system at Mounts Bay Academy gives every student the opportunity to be part of the Student Voice. Crew meetings involve all students and staff in vertical House groups where any relevant decisions that have been suggested by staff and students are discussed in mini crews, debated by the whole crew and then voted on. In the past the Student Voice, through the Crew system, have made decisions about the length of break times, the type and quality of the food in the canteen and the areas students use at lunchtimes.

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