Wellbeing at Mounts Bay

Many students struggle in either physical or emotional wellbeing at some point during their schooling. However, with the recent issues that lock down has brought about, it may have led to students feeling more anxious and overwhelmed. This is something we understand and strive to support.


At Mounts Bay academy we put student’s wellbeing at the forefront of the focus for students.

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Claire Drew

Inclusion & Wellbeing Manager


Your Form Tutor

Life in a secondary school is very different to that which you have become used to in a primary school. Instead of just one or two teachers, your child will be taught by a different teacher for each subject and their welfare will be closely monitored by their Form Tutor throughout their time with us. Their tutor will be responsible for everything relating to your child’s welfare, happiness and behaviour. 


The Form Tutor will also monitor your child's academic progress and assess how your child’s approach to learning is affecting their performance. The Form Tutor is able to speak to subject staff for you and share relevant information about your child with all relevant staff. Our tutors are carefully chosen and passionate about making sure your child will have the best learning environment to make them the best they can be.

Learning Support Mentors

Every year group has a dedicated support team led by their Head of Year, Form Tutors and Learning Support Mentors. Our Learning Support Mentors do not teach and are available throughout the school day to provide support to our students. They form a special bond with our students and are a visible presence every day in their year group areas. This means our students always have someone they can turn to, both inside and outside of the classroom.

iCollege T

iCollege T is a supportive, nurturing environment which supports young people who benefit from a quieter, focused environment. It is designed as a temporary measure to support young people who are unable to access mainstream lessons for a number of reasons. The pathway followed will be dependent on their needs and may include elements of 1 to 1, small group work and online learning together with social and emotional support. By overcoming barriers to their learning young people are able to flourish and maximise their life chances.


Students will have their own workstation where their can personalise their work space with strategies and resources to support their emotional wellbeing.


iCollege T is also staffed with Learning Support Mentors during the breaks and lunches so students can have people to talk to or a space to play games. In the summer they also use the garden space.


If you have any questions about this space, please email me at cdrew@mountsbay.org


This is the base where students can come for wellbeing support, interventions and if they need supervised time out from lessons, using our Time Out System. It is staffed with Learning Support Mentors and our careers advisor, Mrs Masters.


It is staffed at break and lunch times, so if students feel overwhelmed with being outside and would like some quiet time, quiet board games, then this would be the place to go. There is always a friendly face for students to turn to.


We also run a selection of interventions ranging from academic to wellbeing support and we have staffed trained in Trauma and Mental Health, bereavement, and counselling support.


If you have any questions about this space or what specific interventions we run, please email me at cdrew@mountsbay.org

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School Nurse Advice Line

01872 322779 

For informal conversations, questions and advice about health.

Student Led Conferences

We regularly invite parents to the Academy to talk about how their children are finding their time with us. This provides a great opportunity for us to set agreed targets and goals for them but just as importantly it is your chance to speak to us face to face and allow you to speak to individual Form Tutors, Subject Tutors and Heads of Year.


Our innovative Student Led Conferences allow your child the chance to let us know how we can help them too. They take place with Form Tutors on a one-to-one basis and cover everything from learning to extra-curricular activities. These opportunities provide a real chance for everyone to have their say and are appreciated by both parents and students.

Leading By Example

Sixty Year 11 prefects are assigned to all the different year group areas at lunchtime. Students know who the prefects are by looking for their badges. These students are there to give students a familiar face to talk to if needed but also an older student who has responsibility and is able to take action if an issue is raised.

Our Assembly Programme

All year groups take part in an active and diverse assembly programme, which gives them the opportunity to find out about themselves and the world around them.


They also take part in House assemblies that give them the chance to interact with students in other year groups to help foster a sense of community and identity.


The programme is carefully tailored to keep them informed about school and community events whilst providing them with the information they need to respect themselves, others and the communities in which we live.