Your Questions

Your Questions

How long do we get for break and lunch?
Break times are 15 minutes and lunchtime is 45 minutes.

Do we get to take the iPads home?
Yes. They are yours to take home and look after.

How much homework do we get?
20 minutes per subject per night. 

Will I get lost? Can I have a map?
It is unlikely that you will get lost but if you do, you only need to ask any staff or student and they will help you.

Will I get told off if I am late to a lesson?
No but try to get to lessons on time. If you are late to lesson for any reason, then simply explain to the teacher and they will be very understanding.

What do we do at break-time and lunchtime?
You will have access to the Year 7 playground to meet your friends at both break-time and lunchtime. We also have a lot of sporting activities and music opportunities going on at lunchtimes.

Who do I talk to if I have a problem?
We have several different people you can talk to if you need help or advice. You will have your tutor who you will get to know really well along with your head of year. Each year group also has a learning support mentor who will also be available for any help you need at anytime.

What are MIXX activities?
These are all of the clubs that the school runs both during the school day and after school until 4.30. These are generally sporting activities, music, drama, art and any extra help in your learning that you might need.

Does the canteen do slushies. What does the canteen sell? 
Yes, the canteen does sell slushies along with a varied menu for main meals as well as snack food. 


Can we eat outside?

We do not allow eating outside of the canteen and hall. This is for several reasons but the main one is seagulls and pinching food!

Are we allowed to take our phones into school?
You are allowed to take phones into school as you might want to contact home for clubs etc. However, if you need to phone home, then ask a member of staff who will give you permission. Phones are not allowed out in school unsupervised. 

Will I have to wear uniform?
Mounts Bay Academy has a uniform that we are very proud of. Details of this can be found on our website.

Are we allowed to wear black trainers?
No. The academy allows black school shoes only.

Are we allowed to wear jewellery?
Information about this can be found in this website. We only allow basic items of jewellery such as one stud earing in each ear and one ring etc. 

How busy are the corridors?
We are a very popular school and the corridors can get busy but they are supervised and everyone is friendly so you will be fine.

What is the latest time we have to be in school?
You will need to be in school by 8.35 at the latest for tutor time that starts at 8:40. 

Do we go out on school trips?
The academy runs a variety of school trips that will be made available to you through your time at Mounts Bay.

How many classes in a day?
We have a four lesson timetable with each of the lessons being 75 minutes. 

Is there a seating plan in lessons?
Teaching staff will put you into a seating plan but this is an opportunity for you to meet other students. You will also have the opportunity to work with friends as the opportunity in lessons arise. 

Can I carry on learning musical instruments in school?
We have an outstanding music department with activities happening every lunchtime and after school. We also have lots of music lessons on offer, delivered by both our teaching staff and peripatetic and vocal teachers who come into the school.

What is REAL project? 
REAL projects are a different approach to learning. They combine History, Geography, Art and English. On your timetable, you will have four lessons per week producing your project generally in groups with other students. The aim of the project is to learn different skills from the four different subject areas and apply this to real life issues to give you a flavour of how problems and issues are solved in the real life setting. These sessions are great fun and get everyone working together to produce a solution to real life issues.