Your Year Team
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Mounts Bay Academy operates a House System alongside the Year Group system.

The purpose of the House System is to develop a strong sense of competition and fun across the school, so that students earn House points which go towards various prizes during the school year. 

The student House Captains are selected by student by secret ballot in a House assembly.

The aim of the House System is to create a sense of belonging, togetherness and pride. It will help improve administrative abilities, organising skills and leadership abilities.

Your child has been allocated a tutor group based upon, where possible, existing friendship groups.

They will be supported throughout their time with us by our student services and year group teams.

You can contact them at any time using the information below.

Danielle Walters.JPG

Head of Year

Danielle Walters

Julie Payne.jpg


Julie Payne

Connie Keast.JPG

Learning Support Mentor

Connie Keast

Finance Assistant

Sarah Eddy

Senior Lead Student Provision

Lisa Webb

Janet Davies.jpg

Attendance Manager

Janet Davies

Ian Veal.jpg

7 Chamaeleon

Ian Veal


7 Draco

Andrew Troup

Ieuan Steer.jpg

7 Delphinus

Ieuan Steer


7 Pavo

Tracy Page

alice hewitt.jpg

7 Pegasus

Alice Hewitt

Michelle Weightman.JPG

7 Phoenix

Michelle Weightman

Tim Williams.JPG

7 Tucana

Tim Williams